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Delivery Information:

We are able to offer local deliveries to SP postcode areas.
Unfortunately we are unable to post nationwide

Tuesday: Shrewton & Amesbury
Wednesday: Salisbury
Thursday: Porton, Idminston, Gomeldon, Allington, Boscombe Village, Figheldean, Enford, Upavon, Netheravon and The Winterbournes. 
Friday: Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth and Luggershall.
Saturday:  Netheravon, Figheldean, Enford and Upavon.

Daily: Durrington & Bulford

Please place orders by 2pm the day before your delivery day .

Flat fee £3 for delivery or local pickup at the shop.

During the COVID crisis we are able to offer delivery to most local areas.

Herbs and Spices
Allspice 50g£0.99 /50g
Basil 20g£0.99 /20g
Bay Leaves 4g£0.99 /4g
Cayenne pepper 50g£0.99 /50g
Celery salt 75g£0.99
Chilli flakes 40g£0.99 /50g
Chilli Powder 50g£0.99 /50g
Chinese 5 spice 50g£0.99 /50g
Cinnamon quills each£0.30
Coarse Sea salt 100g£0.45 /100g
Coriander Leaf 20g£0.99 /20g
Cumin seeds 50g£0.99
Curry Powder 60g£0.99 /50g
Dried Mint 30g£0.99 /30g
Fennel Seeds 60g£0.99 /60g
Fenugreek Seeds£0.75
Garam Masala 50g£0.99 /50g
Garlic granules£0.99 /60g
Ground Cloves 15g£0.99
Ground Coriander 60g£0.99 /60g
Ground cumin 50g£0.99
Ground Ginger 50g£0.99 /50g
Ground Nutmeg 30g£0.99 /10g
Hot paprika 60g£0.99 /60g
Italian seasoning 50g£0.99 /50g
Marjaram 20g£0.99 /20g
Mixed herbs 25g£0.99 /25g
Mixed Spice 50g£0.99 /50g
Onion Flakes£0.99
Oregano 25g£0.99 /25g
Parsley 20g£0.99 /20g
Peppercorns 100g£2.70 /100g
Pickling Spice 50g£0.99
Ras El Hanout 25g£0.99 /25g
Rosemary 30g£0.99 /30g
Sage 25g£0.99 /25g
Smoked paprika 60g£0.99 /60g
Star anaise 30g£0.99 /30g
Sumaq 30g£0.99 /30g
Sweet paprika 60g£0.99 /50g
Tarragon 20g£0.99 /20g
Thyme 25g£0.99 /25g
Tumeric 50g£0.99 /50g
White Mustard Seeds 75g£0.99
Whole Cloves£0.99
Whole dried chilli 20g£0.99 /20g
Whole Nutmeg 20g£0.99 /10g
Chia£0.90 /100g
Linseed (flax)£0.45 /100g
Poppy seeds£1.05 /100g
Pumpkin£1.00 /100g
Sesame£1.00 /100g
Sunflower£0.77 /100g
Head in the woods 100% organic cotton
Reusable Organic Cotton Face wipes 5 pack£6.50
Deluxe museli£0.39 /100g
Jumbo oats£0.18 /100g
Nutty Granola£0.49 /100g
Oat bran£0.32 /100g
Pinhead Oatmeal per 100g£0.20
New Products
Bamboo Soap Rack£4.50
Bio D All purpose sanitiser per litre£2.50
Celery salt 75g£0.99
Coquilliette (Macaroni)£0.24
Cumin seeds 50g£0.99
Doves Farm Coconut Flour£3.95
Doves Farm Gluten Free Baking Powder£1.45
Doves Farm Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour£2.50
Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour Blend£2.50
Doves Farm Gluten Free Self-Raising White Flour£2.50
Doves Farm Gluten Free White Bread Flour£2.50
Dried kidney beans£0.45 /100g
Environmental biodegradable children’s toothbrush£2.99
Environmental toothbrush medium£2.99
Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo 500ml£6.25
Faith In Nature Dragon Fruit Body Wash 500ml£6.30
Fenugreek Seeds£0.75
Fit pit natural deodorant - Man£10.00
Fit pit natural deodorant - sensitive£10.00
Fit Pit Natural deodorant 100ml - Love ❤️£10.00
Fit pit natural deodorant 100ml - Peppermint£10.00
Fit pit natural deodorant 100ml - Tea tree & Orange£10.00
Fit pit natural deodorant 100ml - Woman£10.00
Free range duck eggs 1/2 dozen£4.00
Freekeh per 100g£0.46
Friendly soap - Cinnamon & CedarwoodFriendly soap - Cinnamon & Cedarwood£2.25
Friendly soap -Rose & GeraniumFriendly soap -Rose & Geranium£2.25
Galvanised Steel Scourers 3pack£2.85
Glacé cherries per 100g£0.75
Gluten free Bicarbonate of Soda 200g£1.60
Gluten free Penne Pasta 400g£2.60
Gluten Free Spaghetti 400g£2.60
Golden Caster Sugar per 100g£0.29
Granoro Gluten Free Fusilli 400g£2.60
Granoro Penne Pasta 500g£1.60
Granoro Trofie Dedicato Pasta 500g£1.75
Grapefruit & Mandarin Natural deodorant£6.50
Ground Cloves 15g£0.99
Kutis natural Deodorant Unscented£6.50
Large Kitchen Pack Beeswax Wraps 🐝Large Kitchen Pack Beeswax Wraps 🐝£22.99
Large Kitchen Pack Beeswax Wraps 🐝Large Kitchen Pack Beeswax Wraps 🐝£22.99
Local handmade natural soap - Apple£4.00
Local handmade natural soap - Honey & Oats£4.00
Local handmade natural soap - Seabreeze£4.00
Local handmade natural soap - Sunshine£4.00
Loofco Bottle Brush£4.99
Natra Care dry and light 20 slim£3.59
Onion Flakes£0.99
Organic Coconut sugar£1.08 100g
Organic wholewheat Spaghetti 500g£1.75
Orzo Pasta£0.24
Pack of 3 large Beeswax Wraps Cat DesignPack of 3 large Beeswax Wraps Cat Design£14.99
Pack of 3 large Beeswax Wraps Flamingo 🦩Pack of 3 large Beeswax Wraps Flamingo 🦩£14.99
Pack of 7 various size beeswax wraps 🐝Pack of 7 various size beeswax wraps 🐝£15.99
Pickling Spice 50g£0.99
Pinhead Oatmeal per 100g£0.20
Premium basmati rice per 100g£0.35
Pudding Rice£0.24
Reusable Organic Cotton Teabags£0.55
Set of 3 large beeswax wraps -Bee 🐝 designSet of 3 large beeswax wraps -Bee 🐝 design£14.99
Shampoo bar Peppermint & EucalyptusShampoo bar Peppermint & Eucalyptus£2.75
Shampoo Bar. Fragrance freeShampoo Bar. Fragrance free£2.75
Soft On Nature Toilet Tissue 9 roll pack£3.99
Splash Soft on Nature kitchen Roll£1.60
Stoates Organic Light Rye Flour£2.99
Stoates Organic Light Spelt Flour£3.99
Stoates Organic Rye Flour 1.5kg£2.99
Stoates Stoneground Organic Brown Self Raising Flour£2.50
Tea Basket - Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser£4.50
Tony’s Chocolonely dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee 180g£3.98
Tony’s Chocolonely White chocolate raspberry popping corn 180g£3.98
Tony’s Chocoloney Dark chocolate almond & seasalt 47g£1.49
Tony’s Chocoloney Milk Chocolate 50g£1.49
Tony’s Chocoloney milk chocolate almond honey nougat£3.98
Tony’s Chocoloney milk chocolate caramel & sea salt 180g£3.98
Tony’s Chocoloney Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 47g£1.49
Tony’s Cocoloney , Milk chocolate caramel & sea salt 47g£1.49
Vegan Suet per 100g£0.75
White fusilli Pasta£0.22 /100g
Whole Cloves£0.99
Wilton windmill stone ground wheat flour 1.5 kg£3.50